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How to Recover Deleted Items from Recycle Bin?

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Deleted files from the Recycle Bin

"I have my system configured with 500 GB hard disk. After finding the hard disk full of a large collection of movies, music, and other data, I proceeded to emptythe Recycle Bin for freeing some hard disk space. Upon emptying the entire Recycle Bin folder, I realized it was a big mistake since there were some important files in Recycle Bin. With a little hope, I checked for backup but unfortunately, I didn't find any backup. Now, how can I recover Recycle Bin deleted items?"

It is the very usual scenario as most of the users go through such a crisis of data from the Windows PC. But the question is how can you recover Recycle Bin deleted items especially when there is no backup? If you are looking for effective any solution regarding such a problem then just keep reading this page to find out how easy it is to recover recycle bin deleted items.

The files are not permanently deleted from the system drive

Generally, when you delete or empty the recycle bin folder, they are said to be permanently deleted. Well, it does not mean that the file is permanently erased from the system hard drive. The OS only removes the file index that points to the file location on the drive and marks the deleted file space as free to save new files. Hence the data remains intact to the drive as long as it is overwritten by new data. So, you can start to undelete Recycle Bin deleted folders and files by utilizing the Recover Recycle Bin software.

Retrieving the recycle bin files

Recover Recycle Bin is a perfect application to regain the files that got deleted from the Windows recycle bin. It comes with easy to use GUI that facilitates the users to achieve an easy and effortless recovery. This utility can be used when it comes to the file restoration after emptying the recycle bin, bypassed recycle bin files, or deleted files. The program is driven by a powerful recovery engine that restores the permanently deleted files by applying a deep scan on the system drive.

This award-winning tool also avails an option to preview the files retrieved from the recycle bin folder. Users can easily identify the recovered files as they will be sorted according to their filename, size, creation date, and modified date. The tool is capable to rescue Recycle Bin deleted pictures, music, videos, and documents in a hassle-free way. This program is fully compatible with all editions of Windows OS. Furthermore, this app can be utilized to retrieve files from various external storage drives.

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Step to recover deleted items from recycle bin

Step 1: Set up the Recover Recycle Bin software on your system.

Step 2: From the main screen options, you need to select the Recover Files option.

Step 3: Pick the logical drive that held the deleted items and click on the Scan icon.

Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 4: Let the tool completely scan the selected drive partition.

Scanning in Progress

Fig B: Scanning in Progress

Step 5: Check for the retrieved files under Data View and File Type View layouts.

List of Restored Files

Fig C: List of the Restored Files

Step 6: To preview any recovered file item, just right-click on it and opt the Preview option.

Preview Recovered Files

Fig D: Preview Recovered Files

Step 7: Mark the desired files for saving.

Step 8: Specify the destination drive to save the undeleted file items and press on the Save icon.

Saving Recovered Recycle Bin Data

Fig E: Save the Recovered Data

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