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How to Recover Files After Emptying Recycle Bin?

Download the free version of Recycle Bin Recovery software to recover files deleted after emptying the Recycle Bin on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/Server 2003/2008, etc. The tool recovers documents, videos, photos, audio files, and many more in just three easy steps. Download and try now for free..!

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Accidentally Emptied the Recycle Bin? Don't worry, Here's a free tool to recover them back..!

Once you empty the Recycle Bin, Windows will be no provide any further options to restore files. So, it requires a specialized tool like Recover Recycle Bin software to retrieve permanently deleted files from the Windows recycle bin. The advanced scanning algorithms to applies a deep scanning on the accidentally emptied Recycle Bin to restore deleted files including documents, photo collection, favorite songs, video clips, etc.

Other factors that responsible for emptying or deleting the Recycle Bin-

  • Sometimes, while removing unnecessary files from Recycle Bin, you might mistakenly end up clicking on the "Empty Recycle Bin" option
  • Deletion of files that are too large for the recycle bin folder simply bypasses it
  • Virus or malware attacks can be another factor, where corresponding files stored on Recycle Bin goes missing leading to severe data loss
  • Corruption of the Recycle Bin folder also causes the deletion of the recycle bin files
  • At times, when you choose important files stored in Recycle Bin and press "Shift + Delete" keys can permanently delete the file from the Windows machine leaving the Recycle Bin empty.
  • A few other reasons include- a sudden Windows system shutdown, usage of unreliable third-party apps, software malfunction, formatted drive partition, etc. can result in data loss from the Recycle Bin

Precautionary measures:

  • Always remember that you do not perform a system restore because it involves a restart and heavy read/write activity
  • Make sure that you have not written or saved any new data to the disk to avoid overwriting of deleted data

How to restore accidentally emptied recycle bin files?

You can simply use the expert-recommended Recover Recycle Bin software to overcome file loss occurred due to any of the above-mentioned causes. The tool employs the powerful recovery engine that extracts the mistakenly emptied recycle bin folder on your system. This tool is suitable to perform recycle bin recovery on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, and Windows Server 2003/2008.

Recover Recycle Bin software is also features with an option to preview all the restorable files from the recycle bin folder. The files recovered after the scan operation will be displayed in Data View and File Type View. You can easily identify and choose the files for saving since all the file items will be displayed according to their original filename, creation date, modified date, and file size. The user-friendly interface makes the entire emptied recovery file recovery process simple and hassle-free. In addition to this, you can use this tool to get back deleted files from USB flash drive, external HDD, memory cards, iPods, SSD, memory sticks, etc. with ease.

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Steps to Recover Files Deleted after Accidentally Emptied Recycle Bin Folder

Step 1: Open the Recover Recycle Bin software installed on your system.

Step 2: Select the Recover Files option from the main screen.

Step 3: Then locate the drive partition that holds the recycle bin folder and click on the Scan button.

Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 4: The chosen drive is deep scanned for deleted files.

Scanning in Progress

Fig B: Scanning in Progress

Step 5: Undeleted files from the recycle bin folder will appear in Data View and File Type View layouts.

List of Restored Files

Fig C: List of Restored Files

Step 6: You can preview the files restored. Then continue to mark the essential files for saving.

Preview Recovered Files

Fig D: Preview Recovered Files

Step 7: Set a suitable output folder location to save the files recovered and press on the Save button.

Saving Recovered Recycle Bin Data

Fig E: Save the Recovered Data

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